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We are About adding value, meaning and pleasure to Brands and businesses by translating identity into innovative collection Concepts and inspiring product Design

Specialized in home accessories, we work with companies worldwide. Being globetrotters and constantly curious, we have a well developed sense of market trends and consumer needs.  We are eager to add meaning and pleasure to brands and products, by creating inspiring concepts. We are resourceful and true believers in sustainability; fair trade is a field we are experienced in. Working with entrepreneurs in both Europe and in developing countries is a constant source of inspiration. We may be dreamers, but our feet are firmly on the ground.



Irene Vermeulen, founder of About Brands Concepts Design

“About me many things can be said, I am a developer of brands, a conceptual thinker and a designer. I founded About Brands Concepts Design in 2007, wanting to be an entrepreneur and seeing exciting opportunities to build brands for and with companies in the home decoration industry.”

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“Before starting my own business, I worked for Fair Trade Original as a Product Manager for 5 years, contributing to mainstreaming this sustainable brand and creating opportunities for suppliers in developing countries. Design and branding played a lead role in that process. In 2006 I finished a postdoc course in Brand Management at Academie voor Management, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I love designing interior accessories and have been doing that since 2000, after having designed fashion accessories. I have a degree in Fashion Design from Academie St Joost in Breda, The Netherlands.”

ABCD believes in networks of professionals, sharing ideas and expertise. Our team changes shape all the time.

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About Brands Concepts Design
is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Craftscurator works with companies in the home and interior industry. For European importers, brands and retailers, as well as suppliers worldwide, we develop product ranges and marketing strategies. We understand the European market like no other, and use trends as a tool to create new concepts. Check out the Craftscurator About page.

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  • Trend Watching, Brand Development, Concept Creation
  • Product Design, Product Development Guidance
  • Supplier Sourcing, Connecting Importers and Exporters
  • Guiding Co-Creation, Connecting Designers and Makers
  • Giving Workshops, Coaching Entrepreneurs
  • Market Research, Presenting, Publishing and Promoting



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